VANCOUVER, BC – September 18, 2020 – Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) has deployed a new network switching platform to further increase the value of the Internet Exchange for current and future VANIX participants.  The Arista 7280R switch platform was chosen because it best meets the VANIX requirements to increase the number of available 1G and 10G ports, introduce 100G services, and remain price competitive in the market, all which serves to increase participation and promote higher traffic levels at the Internet Exchange points operated by VANIX.  

“We are very excited and pleased to adopt the Arista switching platform at VANIX, which will address increasing demand and add value to our Internet Exchange”, said Marilyn Hay, Board Vice-Chair of VANIX.

The VANIX Operations Committee, led by director Tom Samplonius, bench tested several platforms and Arista handily met all the VANIX technical requirements, the most crucial being to serve the distributed network architecture in place across multiple VANIX locations.

“VANIX needed to mesh four data centre links and minimize broadcast and unknown unicast flooding.  EVPN allows all links to be active, and EOS allows EVPN to be tuned to almost completely eliminate unknown unicast flooding, as all MACs and L3 address bindings are known.  Arista has been an ideal partner to realize our requirements and bring our vision of a modern regional Internet Exchange to life”, said Tom Samplonius.

Deploying these new Arista switches enables VANIX participants to peer at the exchange on 100G ports with backend capacity to support their traffic and ample room to scale.  The capacity provided by the new Arista switches will assist VANIX in continuing to meet the rapidly increasing Internet traffic growth in the Greater Vancouver area fueled by the expanding presence of major technology companies in the area.

By optimizing technology through the deployment of the Arista switching platform, VANIX is better able to pursue its strategic priority of increasing the value of VANIX to participants, thereby fulfilling its core mission of interconnecting networks to reduce costs and improve performance for the benefit of the Internet community.

“We are delighted to partner with VANIX to bring innovation, scalability, flexibility and performance to the exchange as their customers’ needs continue to increase.  The 7280R addresses the current requirements of VANIX while providing a platform that will allow the exchange to scale into the future”, said Gordon Blackie.

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VANIX is a not-for-profit corporation that operates an Internet exchange led by an experienced group of network and business professionals from prominent businesses throughout Canada.  VANIX provides Internet and network-based businesses the ability to connect confidently to a professional and responsive local Internet exchange.

The VANIX community of peers is a strong, dependable, and diverse group of organizations that are dedicated to improving the Internet in Canada through collaboration and cooperation. This makes the exchange an oasis of neutrality within the competitive landscape, a key technology portal between Canada and the world and a pivotal network meeting point on the west coast of North America. Visit or follow VANIX on LinkedIn and Twitter.