Dear Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) Participant Representative,

The 2020 annual meeting of Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) will be held online 10:00 AM Pacific Time on Thursday, October 1, 2020. Registration closed. The materials for the annual meeting are attached to this email.

The annual meeting is open to all those who are interested in the activities of VANIX and peering in the Greater Vancouver area. However, only the designated member representatives (“DMRs”) of voting members of the Corporation as of Thursday, September 10, 2020 or their proxy holders have a legal right to attend, engage in discussions and vote at the formal part of the meeting. 

This year there are four nominated candidates for three elected director positions. The applications of the candidates are set out at below.

The formal part of the meeting will be followed by additional informal presentations regarding our activities and progress, and all meeting attendees can participate in discussions relating to those presentations. If your entity is a participant (i.e., peering organization) in VANIX and has also elected to be a member of the corporate entity VANIX, the DMR for your organization has been sent a separate and more detailed email regarding the annual meeting.

VANIX is excited to be presenting the annual meeting in an all virtual format this year. As VANIX had originally planned an in-person event with lunch for attendees, this year VANIX will donate an amount to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank for each person to RSVP for the annual meeting.  We hope to see you all in attendance to participate on October 1 for the 2020 annual meeting and support our community in these unprecedented times.

Best regards,

Christian Tacit, Secretary(

Nominated Candidates:

Julia Aspinall
Darin Young
Mike Dahlstedt
Tom Samplonius