Our Mission:   

Interconnecting networks to reduce costs and improve performance for the benefit of our community

Our Vision:

A region that is an essential destination in the global internet ecosystem

VANIX is a not for profit internet exchange corporation operated by an experienced group of network and business professionals from prominent internet businesses throughout Canada.  VANIX provides internet and network-based businesses the ability to confidently connect to a professional and responsive local internet exchange.

The VANIX community of peers is a strong, dependable, and diverse group of companies and organizations that are dedicated to improving the Internet in Canada through collaboration and cooperation. This makes the exchange an oasis of neutrality within the competitive landscape and key technology portal between Canada and the world.


Many thanks to all our volunteers, and to the companies who support their work!

VANIX Participants & Members

All companies with a valid Autonomous System Number are welcome to connect to the Exchange as Participants (here’s a list of existing Participants, and a link to our Getting Connected page).

Participants in good standing can choose to become Members, by request. Members may vote at Annual General Meetings.

Pursuant to the By-laws:

“Membership in the corporation shall be available to those organizations that have agreed to exchange communications network traffic at exchange point(s) operated and designated by the Corporation for that purpose from time to time and have applied and have been accepted by the Board for membership in the Corporation. Members may be admitted in such manner as may be prescribed by the Board by resolution. Each member is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of members and each such member shall be entitled to one vote at such meetings.”

We invite organizations who may qualify for membership under the By-laws to apply. If your organization wishes to join, please visit our Getting Connected page. Please note that members are required to assign a Designated Member representative (“DMR”) for its formal dealings with VANIX.