VANIX welcomes all participants! Your organization must have a public Autonomous System Number and have IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space assigned by a Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

Requesting Connectivity

Click the “Contact us” button in the lower right.

Please include some additional detail so we can better help you:

  • The VANIX location that you would like to connect to
  • The service speed and media type
  • Your Autonomous System number
  • The MAC address of your Layer 3 equipment
  • The link to your PeeringDB network record

VANIX will respond with a service order that you must sign and return. Once VANIX has received your service order, VANIX will issue an invoice for the setup fee. Once the setup fee has been paid, VANIX will issue a LOA/CFA that you can use to order a cross-connect. Once the cross-connect is installed, notify VANIX, and we will connect it, and bring up the service. Once the connection is in place, VANIX will issue an invoice for the applicable prorated portion of the recurring annual service fee, which must be paid within thirty (30) days.

Participants must adhere to the VANIX Peering and Connection Policy and Service Terms.