How does VANIX use fees?

VANIX is a not-for-profit organization and we work hard to keep fees as low as possible. Fees are determined by the board of directors based on the projected costs to add and replace switch hardware and cover administration expenses, plus maintain an adequate reserve for contingencies. All fees are given in Canadian dollars. The following fees are effective January 1, 2023.

Port Based Services

ServiceAnnual Recurring Fee (CAD)Non-Recurring Install Fee (CAD)
1 Gbps Port$1,000$500
1 Gbps on 10 Gbps Port$750$500
($0 if upgrading from a 1 Gbps Port)
4 Gbps on 10 Gbps Port $1,500$500
10 Gbps Port $3,000$500
2 x 10 Gbps Ports
(independent or aggregated)
40 Gbps on 100 Gbps Port$9,000$2,000
100 Gbps Port$17,000$2,000
2 x 100 Gbps Ports$22,500$4,000

The Non-Recurring Install Fee is invoiced after the service order is signed. When the service is implemented, the prorated Annual Recurring Fee is invoiced from the date of completion to December 31. Recurring fees are then invoiced annually on January 1 of each successive year.

When changing from one service to another, the Non-Recurring Install Fee for the new service is applied. However, the Non-Recurring Install Fee is $0 if upgrading from a 1 Gbps Port service to a 1 Gbps on 10 Gbps Port service, or if changing from any 10 Gbps Port service to any other 10 Gbps Port service.

VANIX supports a variety of Ethernet media types to simplify connectivity and to improve cross-connects efficiency. Two 10 Gbps Ports can be provided over a single cross-connect using 10GBASE-BX (bi-directional) transceivers.

If the service speed is less than the port speed, VANIX will calculate the usage on the port with the 95th percentile method. If the 95th percentile calculated rate exceeds the service speed over a calendar month, VANIX will contact the participant to arrange an upgrade. VANIX does not shape peering traffic to the service speed.

If multiple ports are ordered, they can be aggregated with LACP, or independently addressed. Ports at different VANIX locations can not be aggregated with LACP.

Participants must meet VANIX at one of the VANIX locations, and are required to place any required orders for cross-connects or other services to reach VANIX. Participants are responsible for any required costs to reach VANIX.

Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) Based Services

ServiceAnnual Recurring Fee (CAD)Non-Recurring Install Fee (CAD)
1 Gbps on VXC$600$125
2 Gbps on VXC$900$125
5 Gbps on VXC$1,500$125

VANIX currently supports the Cologix Access Marketplace (CAM) for virtual cross-connects (VXC). If you wish to order a virtual cross-connect based service, submit a connection request to VANIX, and then submit a request to connect to one of the VANIX ports on the Access Marketplace portal. Once the VANIX order is completed, we will accept your connect request, virtually connecting the service.

VANIX currently only supports EVC sizes of 1 Gbps or 4 Gbps. Please contact us if you would like a different EVC size.

VXC based services can not burst above the EVC speed, unlike a port based service. You may change between VXC based services at anytime, and there is no non-recurring fee to change.

2021 – 2022 Historical Fee Schedule

ServiceAnnual Recurring Fee (CAD)Non-Recurring Install Fee (CAD)
1 Gbps Port$1,100$500
1 Gbps on 10 Gbps Port$1,000$500
($0 if upgrading from a 1 Gbps Port)
4 Gbps on 10 Gbps Port $2,000$500
10 Gbps Port $3,000
($1500 for 2nd and subsequent ports)
40 Gbps on 100 Gbps Port$10,000$2,000
100 Gbps Port$20,000$2,000