Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) is a not for profit internet exchange with multiple locations in the Vancouver, BC region. Our mission is interconnecting networks to reduce costs and improve performance for the benefit of our community. Internet exchanges provide valuable peering points where network operators connect with content providers, enabling fast, secure and affordable global internet service.

VANIX is seeking nominations for candidates to be selected by the Membership to serve on the Board as Treasurer for 2022-2024. The position of Treasurer is critical for the VANIX, as this individual provides guidance, oversight and reporting of the non-profit’s finances.  VANIX is seeking an individual with a solid understanding and experience of financial management and oversight.  Candidates who have relevant fundraising, sponsorship, not-for-profit, industry, technical experience or other valuable relationships that would benefit VANIX, and have knowledge of, or significant interest in, corporate governance are also welcome.

VANIX is an organization that depends on volunteers to advance its objectives. Accordingly, Directors are expected to prepare for and attend up to 13 Board meetings per year (plus any additional meetings called to deal with specific issues based on urgency, although such meetings are typically very infrequent) and generally assist VANIX as volunteers to help build the organization’s capabilities. Every effort is made to schedule meetings at times that are suitable for all attendees


  • The Treasurer is a volunteer member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors and shares responsibility for leadership and decision-making about VANIX activities and positions with other Executive Committee members under the leadership of the Chair and with the direction and oversight of the VANIX Board of Directors. 
  • The Treasurer shall serve as chair of the Finance and Audit Committee.
  • The Treasurer shall oversee and review organizational Financials prepared by the Administrative Officer on a monthly basis and report to Board of Directors.
  • The Treasurer shall prepare and present the annual budget to the Executive Committee and Board for approval.
  • The Treasurer shall prepare the annual financial statements (reviewed by an external accountant) and present to the Board and its members at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Treasurer shall ensure all tax and statutory filings are prepared timely and accurately.
  • The Treasurer shall periodically evaluate and develop the Society’s financial policies and procedures.
  • The Treasurer position is a two-year term.

Interested individuals should submit a letter detailing their interest and qualifications to