VANCOUVER, BC – March 11, 2021 – Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) is excited to welcome Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a new participant in its exchange. AWS joins the ranks of over 59 Internet service providers and content providers that are improving the quality of access to internet services in Western Canada by interconnecting at VANIX.

VANIX operates one of a number of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) throughout Canada, which allow Internet Service Providers and content providers to keep local traffic local, within Canada. “The resulting shorter paths for exchanging traffic reduce latency for Canadian internet users thanks to our growing number of participants. IXPs like VANIX improve the user experience for all Canadians using the Internet, while also helping to reduce transit costs for network operators,” said Marilyn Hay, Board Chair at VANIX.

The VANIX community of peers is a strong, dependable, and diverse group of organizations dedicated to improving connectivity through collaboration and cooperation. This makes the exchange an oasis of neutrality within a competitive landscape, a key technology portal connecting Canada to the rest of the world, and a pivotal network meeting point on the west coast of North America.

As Canadian workers have moved from concentrated physical office spaces to remote work locations, VANIX has noted an increased demand for access to cloud services and more distributed access to the Internet. “The role of VANIX in increasing the reliability and quality of services provided over the Internet has become pivotal since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In these times, our mission is one we’re particularly proud to be delivering on,” concludes Tom Samplonius, Chair of Operations for VANIX.

About VANIX:

VANIX is a not-for-profit corporation that operates an Internet exchange led by an experienced group of network and business professionals from prominent businesses throughout Canada.  VANIX provides Internet and network-based businesses the ability to connect confidently to a professional and responsive local Internet exchange. Visit or follow VANIX on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Christian S. Tacit, Secretary
Vancouver Internet Exchange
Tel: +1 613 599 5345