As part of a strategic plan implementation activities, the VANIX board held a half day workshop recently to review how its pricing fits into the VANIX strategic objectives. Following a very robust and thoughtful discussion, VANIX is pleased to announce a new fee schedule.

The biggest feature of the new fee schedule is that VANIX peering costs to participants has been reduced considerably.  The biggest impact is on the pricing of 10 Gbps ports, where the annual recurring fee was halved from $6,000 to $3,000, resulting in a 3.27 cent per Mbps cost (based on annual recurring fees and a three-year amortization of the new non-recurring installation fee). VANIX also added pricing for new 40 Gbps on 100 Gbps ports and for 100 Gbps ports. The rates for those ports work out to 2.64 and 2.03 cents per Mbps, respectively. Notably, VANIX also reduced installation fees from $1,500 to $500, except for the new 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps services, where the installation fee is set at $2,000. 

The new VANIX participation fee schedule can be viewed on the VANIX website or by clicking the link at the end of this post.

In arriving at the new fee schedule VANIX pursued a number of objectives, including: (1) staying competitive with transit services and other means of connectivity that are available regionally; (2) attempting to attract a new tier of participants with very large bandwidth requirements; (3) benefiting VANIX participants with cost savings; (4) trying to increase overall participation and traffic; and (5) maintain viability and the ability to continue growing and serving the Community.

VANIX plans to monitor how these changes affect the Community and will adjust as necessary. The objective is to implement fair pricing that ensures the continued viability of VANIX, while doing the best to serve the Community better so that connecting to the Vancouver internet exchange is as attractive and beneficial as possible.

VANIX would like to give special thanks to fellow director and Chair of the Operations Committee, Tom Samplonius, who drove this activity and constructed a terrific analytical framework to facilitate discussion and help VANIX arrive at an outcome which was endorsed by the board.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to VANIX.