VANIX will be performing switch maintenance at Harbour Centre 6B and Aptum 21N between 11:00pm July 10, 2020 and 1:00am July 11 local time (06:00 to 08:00 July 11, 2020 UTC).  Participants at Cologix VAN2 will see sessions with participants at 6B and 21N go down, but connectivity within VAN2 will not be impacted.

VANIX will enable BGP session culling (as per BCP-214) at the start of the maintenance to gracefully transition traffic off the affected switches.  However, we are unable to do this for IPv6, which is one of the issues that this maintenance will begin to correct.  As each location is upgraded, BCP-214 support will be improved.  Participants may want to consider shutting down IPv6 BGP sessions at the start of the maintenance to ensure a completely hit-less maintenance.

We apologize for the disruption.  If you see any issues after the maintenance is complete, please contact