The Opportunity

Vancouver Internet Exchange (“VANIX”) is a not-for-profit Canadian Corporation that operates one of Canada’s leading Internet exchanges. VANIX seeks a volunteer Secretary, and fellow Board member, for the organization. See for further details about VANIX.

The Secretary’s duties are:

  • To ensure that meetings of members, directors and committees are scheduled, organized, conducted and documented;
  • To oversee the Corporation’s bi-annual director candidate nomination process;
  • To ensure that the by-laws, terms of service, policies and resolutions of the Corporation are kept current and to promote compliance;
  • To ensure that the Corporation’s records are maintained and appropriately accessible;
  • To oversee the Corporation’s contracts (with the assistance of counsel where necessary);
  • To facilitate the orientation and education of directors, officers, staff and volunteers;
  • To ensure that annual board and director evaluation processes are conducted;
  • To oversee all formal communications with the members of the Corporation;
  • To oversee the Corporation’s regulatory filings;
  • To assist the Chair and Treasurer in prioritizing and directing the work of the Corporation’s Administrative Officer; and
  • To perform such other duties as the position may require.

    The successful candidate:

    • Meets the relevant statutory qualifications for a director under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act;
    • Has worked in a corporate secretary or position encompassing similar duties in a private, public or not-for-profit organization;
    • Is able to attend, primarily virtually, monthly VANIX board meetings, plus the annual meeting of members; and
    • Adopts a collegial approach to organizational participation in which the contributions of all participants are valued and all stakeholders are treated with respect.

    Cover letter accompanied by a current CV must be received at by no later than March 31, 2023.